From an early age, Catherine knew the meaning of kindness.

Catherine lived an authentic life where she was always herself, no matter what.

"When I am old and frail I want to look back at my life and think about the good I did for others and the people I touched."
​  Cat Malatesta

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​Random Acts of CAT-ness

To continue the celebration of Catherine's life at the two year anniversary of her tragic and untimely death we ask everyone to stop or slow down, take a deep breath, taste the air, acknowledge life's bounty and perform a random act of kindness in Catherine's memory.  In a world full of strife and division where instability reins and there is so much suffering, let's try to chart a course for kindness and extend Catherine's ripples.  Catherine's innate kindness left a lasting impression on so many.  For months after her death we received many stories of her willingness to share kindness with friends and strangers.  She felt strongly that life was better when kindness prevailed and she wasn't afraid to act as the conduit of that kindness.  Even when she was so sick, Catherine was comforting others.  Let's do our best to share that wonderful quality with strangers.  On Wednesday, August 2nd, let's perform RANDOM ACTS OF CAT-NESS.  Let's leave the world a little kinder and a little more special from that day forward!​  Who knows, maybe those acts will stick, suffering will be lessened and an angel will be beaming!!
The idea is that these random acts can occur all over the world on or around August 2nd.  No matter where you are, you can print out the card above and leave it or hand it to the recipient of your random act of Cat-ness (or, if you are in Arlington, you can pick up some of these cards at The Malatestas).  Or, you can simply perform your act of kindess on that day, or any day, or every day, in Cat's memory.

Random acts of CAT-ness can be monetary in nature:

1) treat someone to a cup of coffee in line
2) pay the toll of the car in back of you
3) tip the gas station attendant
4) addan extra tip for your server
5) make a donation to a worthy cause (see donation page for ideas)
6) bake cookies, muffins, cakes for someone just because
7) send someone flowers
8) add change to someone's parking meter
9) leaving quarters at the laundromat for the homeless

We are hoping that most of the random acts of Cat-ness will be non-monetary and wildly creative.  Some suggestions:

1) pay someone a sincere compliment  (this was one of Catherine's greatest qualities)
2) write a thank you note
3) smile at someone
4) give a back massage
5) give a foot massage
6) hold the door for the person behind you
7) allow someone to go first
8) call someone (actually pick up the phone and dial a number)
9) dedicate a song to someone
10) plant a flower at a grave
11) tell someone you love them
12) give a hug (5 seconds or longer if you dare)
13) take out a neighbor's trash
14) pick up a piece of trash
15) listen without interrupting
16) donate something you no longer need

​We would love to hear back from people as to how their random acts of CAT-ness were received.  Catherine's friends at Camp Coniston plan to challenge the camp to perform these kind acts on August 2.  We look forward to hearing the results!

A Sampling of RANDOM ACTS OF CAT-NESS performed on or around
August 2, 2017

The Children's Room
A group of 15 of Catherine's friends, cousins and our family volunteered to clean out all of the children's group and art rooms at The Children's Room.  We washed and restacked individual play figurines, scrubbed white boards clean, made sure every marker worked, sharpened every colored pencil, ensured that every board game had its pieces and organized dress up areas.  We ended with a beautiful closing ceremony to reflect on Catherine's life and the impact she had on us all.

Slush Scooping
We hosted a pop-up slush scooping station at Menotomy Manor.  A bigger group of Catherine's friends and family scooped FREE slush to families, young and old, at Menotomy Manor.  We also handed out used children's books.  So many happy, sticky faces.

Dining Out
Friends of ours went out to dinner and decided to pay it forward by anonymously buying dinner for a family in the restaurant.  "It was contagious and spread like wildfire throughout the restaurant.  Everyone was paying everyone's bill.  So grateful to partake in the random act of CAT-ness."

Coniston Random Acts of Cat-ness
Catherine's counselor friends at Camp Coniston tasked the other counselors to perform random acts of CAT-ness to each other over the course of a few days.  On August 3rd they held a remembrance ceremony, talked about the meaningful random acts of CAT-ness which was "super uplifting" and "a good way to share memories of Catherine."

Helping Neighbors in Need in NH
Jen's Aunt Joyce and Uncle Jim took the idea of Random Acts of CATness and totally crushed it!  Joyce offered to accompany her 86 yr old injured neighbor to her doctor's appointments so her 89 yr old husband would not need to try to attend and kept him up to date on all information. Jim offered the use of their boat to neighbors who were entertaining friends . They stated they had a fabulous day roaming the lake and swimming off of it.  Their resident bear decided to visit their neighbor home while she was in MA, spreading trash and garbage around her property. They went with rakes and trash bags and cleaned her entire yard of all debris and hauled it to the dump. They surprised a neighbor with eggplant parmigiana just because  she mentioned in passing she liked eggplant

Arlington Boys & Girls Club Aquatic Staff Members Perform Acts of Cat-ness
Chris generously purchased pizza for ALL the Club Kids for lunch! Erin & Jill then donated a pink jar stuffed full of quarters. These quarters were given to kids who needed a little extra money at the snack bar today. The quarters also paid for freeze pops so all of our members could cool off!

Stop & Shop Gift Card
A lovely friend bought a $100 Stop & Shop gift card and paid the cashier to give the gift card to the first person who came through her lane who was using food stamps.

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Buying
A friend in Beverly bought the next ten people in line cups of coffee and then the two guys behind her give her a total of $30.00 to pay it forward in coffee as random acts of CAT-NESS for them.  Officer Mike Hogan purchased endless cups of coffee for surprised coffee drinkers!

Pouring Beers at the 99 to Benefit the Jimmy Fund in Catherine's memory
A friend was asked to volunteer as a celebrity beer pourer at the 99 in Woburn to benefit the Jimmy Fund.  As her Random Act of CAT-ness she dedicated the event to Catherine's memory.

Friends on Vacation performing Random Acts of CAT-ness with their family
Friends on Martha's Vineyard performed Random Acts of CAT-ness as did another friend on her family trip.  She said, "I loved seeing my kids out-kindnessing each other".

Flowers to Seniors
One of Catherine's dear friends spent her lunch break handing out flowers and Random Acts of CAT-ness cards to patients at Seacoast Rehabilitation Center totally brightening their day.

Trash Collecting at Good Harbor Beach
A dear friend and her daughter who is also a dear friend of Catherine's arose at daybreak to collect trash at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester as their first Random Act of CAT-ness of the day!